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  • Tactileology

    Tactileology, a novel research field in Science and Engineering in Tactile Sense, which I founded has featured by Academic Information Magazine, IMPACT from the U.K.

    Tactileology Changes the World

    New Generation of Tactile Science & Engineering

    Article Download (PDF)

    LINK to the IMPACT : https://www.ingentaconnect.com/…/2020/000…/00000001/art00005

    Tactileology, which I proposed, is introduced in a British academic magazine. Tactileology is a novel tactile science and engineering that deals with "tactile sense that changes like music melody." New haptics based on next-generation natural computing (natural computing not using a digital computer but computerize human and nature by an algorithm) and their applications (beauty, medical / healthcare, acoustic engineering, etc.) are introduced.


    提唱している「あたらしい触覚学」〜 Tactileology が英国の学術情報誌で紹介されました.Tactileologyは「音楽のメロディのように変化する触覚」をあつかう,あたらしい触覚の科学・工学です.次世代ナチュラルコンピューティング(電子計算機をつかわず,アルゴリズムにより人間・自然を計算化するパラダイム)に基づくあたらしい触覚学とその応用(美容,医療・ヘルスケア,音響工学ほか)などについて紹介されています.

  • WHAT is the Tactile Score?

    Tactile Score, universal language in Nature

  • Creating "right brain" by using Tactileology

    in Japanese (3min)

  • activities

    i am an armature humankind not a professional something


    Tactileology Changes the World

    Humankind has forgotten that tactile sense has the concept of time. Tactile time evolution, a time-varying tactile sensation like a melody. We invented the Tactile Score to describe it. The invention of the Tactile Score has had a significant impact on tactile science and engineering. Next-generation tactile science and engineering Basic research and engineering applications of Tactileology has applied to medical and healthcare, the music industry, and creating new jobs for people with disabilities and the elderly.

    General Computational Science

    understanding nature as algorithms​

    I have been living in the Turing Universe as a computer scientist: and considering about nature. I do explore life by using an "algorithm." I declare it as "General Computational Science," GCS based on the natural philosophy of Minakata Kumagusu.

    Topics: Harness computing, Molecular Robotics, Molecular Artificial Intelligence, Model-driven data analysis, Systems Biology, Computational Aesthetics, e.t.c.

    Sensory Communications

    communications via tactile senses​

    We extract various kinds of tactile sense by using Tactile Score and have proposed SENSONIC (haptic vibration) for beauty treatments, vibrotactile for wellbeing (medicine), Tactile Music, Media Art, e.t.c.

    Computational Aesthetics

    "Aesthetics" is not only a matter in Art or Design; it is the core issue in Natural Computing. Because wild nature stops computing when it reaches a beautiful state. For example, a computer algorithm that modifies images by mimicking the rules of natural selection can work with people to evolve new works of art. (Communication ACM) "

    the era of cosmetics had been over ​

    We have developed "algorithms for creating beauty" as an application of Computational Aesthetics; we have developed Artificial Intelligence for generating Tactile Scores for hand massages and creating Haptic Vibrations (SENSONIC) for beauty treatments and Wellbeing. (Beauty Artificial Intelligence, in JPN) "

  • Portfolio

    No hay caminos, hay que caminar

    Tactile Music ... music for "skin"

    my portfolio.. mainly.. music, video, photo..

    Music for skin, (by Yasuhiro Suzuki) I have composed music not for ears but skin; all works transformed from something in nature or man-made things: everything (audio, visual) media turned into a Tactile Score, T.S: and the T.S. transformed into sounds: in some of the works include haptic vibrations in the background, so you can enjoy it not only listening but also touching ... touch the speaker unit ;-)

    the history of tactile score (short movie)

     Toward the Tactile Score, by Y. Suzuki, this work shows how the Tactile Score has been obtained. From massage to the tactile score; this short movie illustrates the brief history of the "tactile score". このショートムービーではマッサージから触譜(マッサージや触覚を記述するためのノーテーション)に至ったかの歴史がまとめられています。

    Creating Tactile Score from a Japanese Old Tale, "Tale of Heike"

    ACM Digital library _ CHI2014 we extract tactile sense from an Old Japanese tale, the tale of Heike and describe it by using Tactile Score and we generate music and haptic vibration by transforming from the Tactile Score

    Creating Tactile Score from a Poem

    Matchatria is an art performance project by Yui Kawaguchi and Yoshimasa Ishibashi; we transform a poem to Tactile Score and retransform from Tactile Score to haptic vibration waves and music.

    SENSONIC ... haptic vibration designed by Tactile Score

    Hand massage is the art of tactile engineering, it has several thousand years history, but we can not massage thousands of people in parallel; hence we have developed a method to convert Tactile Score into Haptic Vibration, SENSE + SONIC = SENSONIC

    Beauty Treatment by SENSONIC

    We have proposed SENSONIC, which is a highly designed haptic vibration wave composed of Tactile Score. We produced beauty equipment by using SENSONIC and did a demonstration at the event, Niconico Chokaigi http://www.chokaigi.jp/ (our activities addressed in an article (in JPN) http://news.nicovideo.jp/watch/nw1617188

    Society implementation ... Tactile Score in Education

    Tactile Score has implemented in society; it has used in the school of beauty treatments; this is a video text of massage (FaceTherapie Channel).  

    Society Implementation ... "Branding" Beauty Treatment Shop

    Tactile Sense is irreducible and essential but almost has ignored; implement research activities of tactile sense into society is the most important; I have been "branding" beauty treatment based on primary research of tactile sense as FaceTherapie(TM): in order to create "the brand", I have been working as a photographer, designer, movie maker ... (this photograph is one of my artwork).

    Shokkaku 2019

    29-30, 2019 at Kyoto University JAPAN

    We have developed various tactile/haptic techniques and new media: in Shokkaku 2019, we collaborate with cutting edge artists and explore the future based on Tactileology.

    I was planning and producing this event.

  • Published books 

    we wrote and based on our activities

    Tactile Score,

    Springer Verlag

    Yasuhiro & Rieko Suzuki

    This book deals with one of the most novel advances in natural computing, namely, in the field of tactile sense analysis. Massage, which provides relaxation and stimulation for human beings, is analyzed in this book for the first time by encoding the motions and tactile senses involved. The target audience is not limited to researchers who are interested in natural computing but also includes those working in ergonomic design, biomedical engineering, Kansei engineering, and cognitive science.

    Computational Aesthetics: from Tactile Score to Sensory Language in "Pervasive Haptics, Springer verlag

    yasuhiro & Rieko Suzuki

    Based on General Computational Science GCS, Aesthetics is the core of computation; in this book we consider GCS and propose the Computational Aesthetics which is not relating to prior considerations by Barkov or Kawamoto



    FaceTherapie Method

    Yasuhiro & Rieko Suzuki

    From "BOOK database Japan" this book introduce amazing method of beauty treatments, it can dramatically improve your skin condition by hands massaging.

    --> I did write book with R. Suzuki and took photographs, did book design

    Natural Computing

    yasuhiro SUZUKI

    (to be published, in JPN)

    General Computation Science, GCS is proposed by this book. GCS is based on natural science philosophy by Kumagusu Minakata; in this book based on his philosophy, the concept of "computation" is newly defined (expansion of Turing's definition) then mathematical framework and computational model, Abstract Rewriting System on Multisets, ARMS is proposed.

    Creating novel Aesthetics

    Fuminori Akiba (in JPN)

    Our Research activities in Natural Computing, (Harness computing), Tactile Score, etc are introduced. I did design the cover of this book; the graphic of the book is the scientific visualization (related to the Lotoka-Volterra equations). ​ He proposed novel Aesthetics based on our "Harness computing".

    Tactile Intelligence creates Information

    Junji Watanabe (in JPN)

    Tactile Score and analysis of massages by using Tactile Score is introduced as a core concept of Tactile Intelligence: (awarded by Newspaper company, Mainichi in 2015). 毎日出版文化賞

  • Education


    Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

    Theoretical Computer Science, (Master degree)

    Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology:JAIST (北陸先端科学技術大学院大学, hokuriku sentan kagaku gijutsu daigakuin daigaku) is a postgraduate university in Japan, established in 1990.JAIST found in the center of Ishikawa Science Park (ISP). It located in the south of Kanazawa City. JAIST has various programs of advanced research and development in science and technology.

    Kyoto University

    Informatics, Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

    Kyoto University (京都大学 Kyōto daigaku), or Kyodai (京大 Kyōdai) is a national university located in Kyoto, Japan. It is the second oldest Japanese university,[4] one of the highest-ranked universities in Asia and one of Japan's National Seven Universities. One of Asia’s leading research-oriented institutions, Kyoto University is famed for producing world-class researchers, including ten Nobel Prize laureates, two Fields medalists and one Gauss Prize. The university has been consistently ranked as the second-best institute in Japan since 2008 in various independent university ranking schemes.

  • Experience


    School of Informatics and Science, Nagoya University

    associate professor 2005 - Present

    Assoc. Prof. of Department of Complex Systems Science, Chairman of Special Interest Group of Natural Computing, Japanese Society of Artificial Intelligence.

    School of Design and Architecture, Nagoya City University

    adjunct lecturer 2006 - Present

    I am teaching the theory of the medium, in this lecture, I try to explain "tactile score" as a novel medium for non-verbal communications

    National Institute of Science and Technology Policy

    Investigator 2002 - Present

    review and explore, potential areas of science and technology in Japan and world

    Graduate School of System Design and Management, Keio University

    Researcher 2012 - 2014

    We have developed "very exciting ;-)" systems that evoke a tactile sense

    Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International

    researcher 2003 - 2005

    Human Information Science Lab; I have developed a model of a chemical system

    Medical Research Institute, Tokyo Medical and Dental University

    research associate 1997 - 2005

    I have developed medical engineering systems (image processing for diagnoses congenital disability, VR operation system for brain cancer, Medical Expert system), Systems biology (specificity of protein-protein networks) and Artificial Life (computational model of the origin of life).

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